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Project neo is an important initiative, which is focusing on the replacement of our Finance, Human Resources (HR) and Payroll systems, and improvement of our supporting processes.

The new HR/Payroll system will commence rollout in October 2004, when employees in HR and Payroll begin using Oracle to process salary payments.

The first difference that you will notice will be a new look payslip. In mid November all UTS employees, with the exception of casuals, will be given access to Oracle Employee Self Service (ESS). This will enable you to view your pay slip online, and maintain your own personal details and bank account information. Supervisors will also be given access to Manager Self Service (MSS), which provides employment specific details for members of their team e.g. whether they are a full or part time employee.

Detailed information about the new pay slips and the additional ESS and MSS functionality being rolled out this year, will be communicated during the next few weeks.

As communication with representatives from the business is vital, a HR reference group has been formed. The HR Reference Group consists of senior representatives from HR, Payroll and the business. The group is tasked with ensuring that the requirements of the University community are reflected in the HR & Payroll workstream of Project neo.

In addition, a HR/Payroll Forum has been setup. The Forum is a working group where we seek feedback from business representatives about proposed changes to HR/Payroll processes, and input in determining the appropriate strategy to communicate this information to the wider UTS Community. Forums are held fortnightly on a range of topics.

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